February 27, 2017

Music Video with Anthony Tullo – Crop Circle?

The very last video that we shot was a music video for the rising country start Anthony Tullo. Anthony represents a relentless passion for music. We have been honoured to be traveling with him on this journey and have been involved in many of his video productions here in Kitchener-Waterloo and in Oakville, Toronto and beyond.

As is common knowledge the music industry is a very tough business these days and if you sat down with Tony and had a chat you would find out how long he has been fighting to get his music on major radio. It’s a long slog and it’s not cheap.

The last video we did was a video called “GASOLINE”. It is a great track about that feeling when someone lights you on fire. We set to shoot the video in two locations – the story in Oakville at a pre-arranged gas station and then in Kitchener on a farm.

The shoot in Oakville went well and everything was running smoothly, but on arriving at the farm there was a huge circle of flattened in the adjacent field. We all took a couple of deep breaths because no one knew how it got there. It was very mysterious.

We couldn’t leave it go and after chatting with Anthony we grabbed some camera gear and head into the field to go and shoot part of the music video inside the flattened area.

We don’t know if it’s really a crop circle, but it sure was exciting trudging through the corn field towards ‘the landing site’.

We made a little video about it to run alongside the music video as a little bit of back story. Here’s both.

Anthony Tullo has a long road ahead of him. He is in the running for the CMAA’s ‘new comer’ category this year. If he is chosen as one the five potential winner a lot more people are going to know his name.

Check out his website here:

Check out the videos here:

February 27, 2017

Video: SCREED RAKE – A New Tool for Bricklayers

We do video production primarily in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, but we recently had the opportunity to shoot a video up in Ottawa for a new product that is making it’s way to market.

This product speeds up the time it takes for a bricklayer to complete his job and it’s called SCREED RAKE.

What is screeding? That’s exactly what we said when we were first introduced to this product.
Screeding is the process of grading the ground so that you make it perfectly flat in order to lay your brick over top of it. I mean it makes perfect sense that the bricks have to be laid on a flat surface, with no dips and divots where water could collect.

Traditionally screeding happens by way of a 2×4 that has had a notch cut out of it to the desired height of the floor.

The bricklayer is on his hands and knees scraping the board along the floor and making sure its all even.

This is where inventor Darren Green comes in. As a bricklayer himself he decided that he didn’t want to have to spend a couple hours on his sore and aging knees every time he had job to do, which can be every day in the summer, so he invented the SCREED RAKE.

This allows the bricklayer to adjust the a puck on the side of the rake to the desired height and perform the action of grading the soil from a standing position. We hooted and hollered when we saw his rake in action. Truth be told we were stunned that nothing like this has been created yet.

Darren Green has yet to officially release Screed Rake, but we are eagerly awaiting that day so we can say, “We knew him when…” Once he releases the rake officially there will be a lot of work making sure our video gets in front of anyone interested in a bricklaying tool that will save them time and money. When you see this rake in action you don’t feel like it’s something that you need to sell someone on… it feels like it’s more about education.

Ottawa was a blast with Darren and although we are native to Kitchener-Waterloo, the golf and the beer in Ottawa made the drive worth it.

Check out the Screed Rake Video here and watch out for SCREED RAKE