Corporate Video

Step 1: Free Consultation

We are a video production company that believes in consultation. Together we figure out what you need and want, are we the people that can help you and what is the best way to make that happen.

Corporate Video

Step 2: Concept and Script Development

With any corporate video production we need to expand on the concept and work out a script for the video. This will act as the backbone for rest of the planning and execution of the video.

Film Production Company

Step 3: Pre-Production

Here we move into the planning phase. We cast the video, find locations and crew set a date and get all our ducks in a row. The BMH production company is getting ready to pull the trigger.

Film Production Company

Step 4: Production

We shoot! Isn't that what film production companies do?

Film Production Company

Step 5: Post-Production

Here we put all the pieces together. We edit the promotional video, create the motion graphics, source the music and export the video for your approval.

Film Production Company

Step 6: Distribute

IMPORTANT! This is where we get your video under the right eyes. This is where the video production services end and then next phase begins.

It's super easy.

Make a no obligation call today and ask us how our video production services can help your business.