some of the things we do.

Video Marketing Strategy

This is discussion.

Location Management

Finding the right space.

Music Sourcing and Buying

Find and licence the right music.

Motion Graphics

Add the necessary graphics.

Script Writing

Crafting the right message.

Production / Shooting

We shoot the video.

Colour Correcting

Make the colours pop.


We can do some pretty cool effects.


Finding the right people.


Here's where we put all the pieces together.

Audio Post Production

We make the audio sound amazing.

Online Ad Spend / Video SEO

Facebook and Google Adwords.

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some of the different kinds of videos we've made.

Video Production Company

business profile video

A documentary style interview. You explain who you are and what you do.

See Example

Video Production Company

tv / web commercial

We craft a story to engage your audience and explain how you can help them.

See Example

Video Production Company

testimonial video

One of your best clients tells the world how great you are. A video testimonial.

See Example

Corporate Video Production

animated video

We use graphics to explain your business. These really work.

See Example

Corporate Video Production

event video

Record your fantastic event on video so that your audience can see you are up to.

See Example

Corporate Video Production


Get coverage with 5 cameras immortalizing your performance.

See Example

How to

how to video

Enrich a clients experience by explaining how to use your product.

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sizzle reel

If you have a lot of footage and want it melded together so it sizzles.

See Example

Music Video

music video

If you're a struggling musician we can make your dollar stretch.

See Example

Production Company

fund raising

Make a video as a proof of concept to raise money and gauge reaction.

See Example

Production Company


We do full length documentaries. This is us telling your fantastic story.

See Example

Production Company

lobby screens

From ART to Frequently Asked Questions, turn your lobby screen into a tool.

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